Emotions Can Take You Down! How to thrive with the Lunar Woman

Its morning time, I can hear the hummingbird outside the window suckling on the luscious red hibiscus...


I am happy to be alive, sunlight is streaming in....

Another day on planet earth....ahhh,  I feel my body fill with a sense of readiness and thankfulness to face this day.

What I am most delighted about is to have

moved through the feelings I was just submerged in 2.5 days ago! Oooh it was intense..

Suddenly I remember..... Oh yes! I was in THAT moon center! ......

The pink of the cheeks: which means I can loose my peacefulness and my mind flirts with danger. I can be commotional and reactionary.

I felt like all my obsessions were haunting me!

I give so much thanks to know that it will shift,

it fills me with power and deep compassion to be gentle with myself in those moments. 

The science of the 11 moon centers is no joke and when you start to track your individual moon cycle and understand how your emotional tendencies shift ever 2.5 days,

there is a new freedom to BE that emerges.

It changed everything for me when I discovered this ancient science!

It gives you tremendous power to regulate your emotions as you have an awareness of what is coming. You understand yourself and what it means to be a woman at a whole other level. 

Which leaves you to be more in control and take charge so that you are never taken down by your emotions. Instead you create a space to move through them with power and grace!

EMOTION = Energy in motion

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