The Medicine In Trusting


In this new moon energy, here is my latest revelation: 

I am sitting here at my desk and I just wrote an affirmation on an index card which will make its way to  my altar as I meditate tonight. Not a thing I do too often, so it surprised me when I wrote:


As I wrote  FULL TRUST, I had a laser opening. I am seeing that weaved deep in the tapestry of all the programing of my being....there is a broken place where I still doubt myself.  

Writing this simple affirmation is offering me breakthrough. Revealing to me all of the places where I am lacking confidence/TRUST in my life. 

Because AUTHENTIC confidence in who we are, what we do and how we bring our gifts to the world is a function of how we TRUST that divine energy that flows through every fiber of our being and ALL OF LIFE.

It is such a revelation to me in this moment. My commitment to being a great wife and mother, showing up in FULL PRESENCE and taking my business to the next level are actually revealing to me the MEDICINE that is needed to achieve this. Genius.

 I am called into a deeper trust into my life. And I realize its actually the resistance to that TRUST THAT CAUSES  SUFFERING AND ANXIETY. Aha! There is the medicine!   
HERE AND NOW. I LET GO OF THAT UNTRUTH & TRUST FLOWS.  (That's little moi... Living in full trust!) 

So I invite you to call OUT whatever is blocking YOU, so you can thrive in your life. You know....To the next level, to that level you write about, you share with your loved ones dream about.... isn't it time? Have we not been holding on too long to what we think works because it feels safe?

Our lives are a LIVING WORKSHOP. Our day to day realities are the ULTIMATE reflection on how connected we are to our INNER REALITY. 

Let your life be a great teacher, a great guide so you may continue to expand your consciousness and truly live your dreams into realities.

Its always been, and remains, up to YOU. 

Are you feeling me?

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All In Divine Love,