Healthy Family Relationships

Healthy family relationships are the key to global harmony. We are supporting a recovery 2.0 retreat with 35 Souls committed to walking the path of life healthy. Inevitably the roads we have traveled in our life are paved with stories fed by family experiences. Some good and some are bad.

As we all recover the use of ancient spiritual practices like yoga, chanting mantra and Qigong, our memory of what it feels like to be free of addictive behavior is returning. Family is fertile soil for seeds of love.  Love is revealing its ability to heal, help us know our purpose, appreciate life and create healthy relationships.

Plant seeds of love during this family time of the year. Life will be more enjoyable!

The end of the year is charged with the energy of family. Whatever your story is about family, can you clear your heart and mind of any issues?  It will give you the capacity to  love, forgive, enjoy and appreciate yourself and your family.

We have also been learning it is more empowering to face our issues while acknowledging a higher power organizing life. If we each respond to our ability to love the family we came through, we can restore balance on our home called Earth.

Remember family holds the keys to self knowledge, self love, happiness, and world peace. If the individual lives to honor self and family relationships the family will be healthy. Because each family member represents aspects of ourselves. If we are really sincere and let go of our ego we will see the opportunity to grow and offer love.

Take a stand! Love your self, forgive yourself and others. create healthy family relationships for the children of today and tomorrow. If you need help and you are willing to change your way of thinking contact us! We want to create a support system for generating world harmony. Enjoy Life, it is precious and short!

One Love,