Simplicity Leads To Creativity

Just stepped off the plane from Costa Rica where we spent two weeks soaking in the ocean and sitting still in the jungle. We shared our love of these ancient yogic teachings and mantra music with 35 incredible individuals. This yearly retreat organized by Tommy Rosen from Recovery 2.0 and his wife Kia Miller  is always a landmark for me.

The fact that it's a retreat focused on Recovery makes it really deep. People are  there to heal at a core level....and thus so am I (speaking for myself). I am returning home with a deepened sense of Self and this year's calling  was about returning to simplicity. The jungle spoke to me so loud, the frog, the snake, the monkeys, the spiders and all the nature beings that I encountered whilst I was there. "Return to simple" I kept hearing. "It will open up the space for the creativity you so long for." My soul has been aching to make write songs, to play to just play. To be to just be and see what gets created from the vortex where all things are One. 

Simplicity is a long forgotten way of being for us in this technology age and yet so many I speak to in my communities are organizing their lives to return to more simplicity. Osho would say that in order to get to creativity, you have to get to boredom first, to somewhat emptiness, so that there is a blank slate to create from. That resonates. Creativity is linked to consciousness. We are called to extend our ability to perceive subtle information from our inner and outer environments, and learn to trust and act in accordance with the Universe. 

When I look at my life, my sanctuary where I live, my kitchen, my finances, the way I share my gifts. There is a call for more simplicity. Here is a few things I want to share with you that are helping me get there.

1. De-clutter! Truly, how much stuff we love to keep. Anything you have not looked at, worn or played with in a year. Give it away to someone who can use it or  sell it. Each thing you look at should evoke a sense of joy in your house...or your wardrobe.

2. Give yourself a day called "technology free!" a week, no computer, no phone, no text. And see what gets created!

3. Breathe, breathe deep, do some pranayama meditations, then sit still. Allow what wants to come through.

4. Begin a creative project you have been putting off for just a 15 minuntes a day commitment.

5. Allow nature to speak. Take a nature walk at least once a week. Maybe you have a recorder or paper and pen. See what gets sparked.

May you thrive and be happy. Simply.

In Light,