A Talk With Turtle

Turquoise sea, filled with fishes of all colors, sizes and shapes greet me this morning as I grab my snorkeling gear and take off into the little bay by our boat. The stillness that comes over me as I breathe deeply into the tuba reminds me of a yoga breath. My mind becomes calm and my body moves in rhythm with the gentles waves. I spend an hour exploring the delight of the Mediterranean completely by myself as it is still early and every one is sound asleep. Just the sun rays penetrating the deep blue sea is enough to bring me to a state of bliss.

I make my way to the little cove where I see a path that I must go and explore. Leaving my gear on the small beach, I take off into the many lush trees on this road less traveled that is so inviting. Nature is one of the greatest connectors for me. It allows me to drop into the Oneness instantly. Funnily, even though my feet are  firmly planted on the ground after spending 5 days on the boat, I feel like this piece of earth is rocking side to side. Weird sensation.

Up the path I go and reach an olive grove, absorbing this classic Turkish landscape. Everything falls completely silent. I think of Jesus for some reason and the path that he must have walked on his pilgrimage. I hear deep messages from the land which I record in my conscious. Messages that are calling me into a deepening of the relationship with my Creator and what I am invited to do to experience this. This trip has been a lighthouse of truth for me as the call for living in the Oneness relentlessly knocks at the door of my Soul.

As I admire the olive trees glowing in the sun, I am wooed by ringing bells in the distance....a herd of goats make their way through the olive grove, about 60 of them, twenty of them with a bell around their neck, each ringing at a different tone. Everything is golden as the sun rises through the trees and  this cosmic music begins to resound in the grove. My soul is captivated, my presence alive and here I experience the Oneness I so long for. A deep breath of thanks, a knowing that everything is ok, I am on the journey. One foot in front of the other. One song at a time, one kiss at a time, one prayer, one prayer at a time. 

Slowly and intently I make my way back down to the path and stop to admire this crystal like rock by my bare dusted feet. I thank the rock for showing me its beauty. Something the native people of the Chumash tribe taught me was to talk to nature, to thank it and acknowledge it. And also to ask permission if you are taking something from Mother nature. This has been a deep practice for me in the past ten years and has opened many doorways into the Unknown. I am called to slowly turn my head and to my utter surprise a baby turtle sits seven feet away  from me. I acknowledge it and ask if I can come and sit next to it. I find my place on a small rock next to it and just watch it as it watches me. I open, I breathe deep,  I listen, I am Being....everything slows down and every time I move a little, she moves and I hear her " Slow down, you move too fast. You may be missing the Magik. " A repetitive message and thread in my life. This turtle has been the medicine for me. The medicine is everywhere, always....

Are you listening?

In love from Turkey,