TRUSTING LIFE! 5 tips to live it.

I was just at the beach this morning, feeling creative, writing in the sand (hence above picture) and inspired to keep connecting with the higher aspects of Myself and allow the feelings that I am healing to dissolve into Yemaya... the Mother Ocean. It came to me that it is hard to trust that life is here for YOU if we are not grounded.

When we desire something deeply, nothing can actually stop us from living into our destiny. The whole Universe cooperates. Our job is to keep our vibration steady, in the midst of a weakening thought, to grasp our power and shift the direction to something uplifting and positive. It is truly a science. The more we practice, the more it becomes second nature. The more we are liberated and living in our authentic self. 

I see it over and over again with the women I work closely with. If you do the work, things change, you grow, you shed and you are reborn, literally. It can be that simple.

Being grounded means well balanced and sensible according to the dictionary. On a deeper level, to me it means coming out of the story of our lives that no longer support us. Healing that story and ultimately experiencing YOGA -  The Oneness which heals the separation which we created through our story. 

Here are five things that I have been practicing that help me grounded and in   the flow of life. 

1. Develop your capacity to breathe deeper. Try left nostril breath for 3 mins. To get the maximum benefit and totally allow your nervous system to unwind, do for 22 mins. You won't believe how easy it is and time goes so fast. The effects are life changing. 

In easy pose with the left hand in Gyan Mudra, Inhale left whilst blocking through the right nostril, exhale right whilst blocking the left nostril. Eyes closed gazing at the third eye. 

2. Talk about your feelings and emotions with someone you trust. If you have lived trauma, work with a somatic practionner or a therapist that specializes in trauma. 

3. Whilst you deal with resolving your trust issues that life is here for YOU and to take care of YOU. Listen to the Abraham Hicks teaching. Youtube the topic you most deal with overcoming and listen everyday. Very helpful!

4. Take some stress out of your life. Sugar and caffeine could be one of those. See how it is for you. I know it was for me. And in order for me to access this deeper layer, I had to let it all go. Otherwise I just kept running and ignoring my true feelings. 

5. Identify your negative belief and practice shifting them in the moment. It's like going to the gym and developing a muscle. you will find you spend less and less time in a funk.

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