From Victimhood To Victorious!

Most of us have lived some kind of trauma in our lives. As a child, growing up in this kind of world, its almost inevitable.

 Some of us are still carrying the mark of being a victim and not even aware of it. 

I am one of those Beings. It's come to my attention whilst doing some deep work these last few months on that aspect that my whole life has this filter of victimhood over it and I was not even aware of it.

All these self help tools and spiritual philosophies sometimes make me so tired!

I was sitting in the sweat lodge this past weekend with 22 beautiful sisters and the energy was palpable with the ancestors singing their messages. Covered in sweat an mud from head to toe, I had a profound experience that what is needed to move from Victimhood to Victorious is LOVE. A whole lot of love and a whole lot of giving!

Victimization keeps us small, it keeps us focused on our pain.

It makes us selfish. Like the world owes us something. Like everyone owes us something. Mad at God....Do you feel me?

When we give more love, give more of ourselves, of our time, of our friendship, of our listening.....we are filled up.  We receive an endless river of love and our heart feel rested. Finally.  

All the greatest enlightened Beings speak of this quality and it is the simplest remedy and I am discovering that it's the only thing that permeates my being with peace. 

Let's start this year off right and be aware of when we are moving into the victim in our lives and choose consciously to bring love to that hurt little being within, love her or him, hug her tight and move into being victorious!

Another important aspect of healing the victim in us, is really about loving and giving a voice to those within that were traumatized. Spending time with them. Nurturing them, Giving them words...healing WITH them. 

What  I am seeing in my own healing process with this is that it's a double edge sword and both aspect of this work must happen simultaneously.

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