FREE Conscious Relationship ONLINE COURSE

We had a big heart opening this weekend at Sat Nam Fest in Joshua Tree with our beloved community. The main message we received was that we are here to support each other through these deep changes we are all feeling and how good that feels!

Being in a Conscious Relationship for 10 years together has fueled our passion for life. We have been deeply inspired to share this online course with you which has been years in the making. Read more about our story here...

In our experience, knowledge of how to show up and actually BE present in a relationship has served us well. We have learned to be supportive and appreciative of each other. In a way that works for each of our personalities and past history. 

Carving a place where we can be present with all of our feelings without judgment. Accepting where we are IS the medicine for unresolved emotional issues. 

We are so excited to launch Conscious Relationships FREE ONLINE COURSE on  April 29th!  

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 Love Tonic for the day:

Take a moment to check in with your loved ones and yourself in little increments throughout the day. The check in might look like: How am I breathing right now? Can I express what I appreciate in this moment?

Even if it's 5 -10 mins after a meal. Relate authentically. Share your heart, it does need to take long or heavy. The ability to be in touch with your feelings is the roadmap to mastering your emotions. 

Just click here & Join us for the FREE ONLINE COURSE which begins April 29th!

In divine love,

Sukhdev & Akahdahmah