Ready For Mastery? FREE GIFT

I believe I became ready for mastery about a year ago. I claimed it. I said, I need that and I got to have it! Since then I have been on a positivity rampage with taking care of my body, my mind, my soul and all that surrounds me. 

t's just no longer an option to sink into deep holes of negativity. It causes too much mayhem, within me and around me. 

So a deep commitment came to experience mastery in my life. I experience mastery not every day and every moment but a fair amount of time. Mostly when I do the things I know i need to do to feel good and honor the gifts that are flowing through me.

The year of mastery is on its way. 2016. This year is just about prepping. Its about getting our ducks in a row and practicing mastery. I believe the first step is to claiming it, to knowing that we want it and that we have the ability to attain mastery in this lifetime.

The Lunar Woman and knowing how to work with my emotions has become on the most important things for me.  Using the strengths of the moon center that I am in and avoiding the pitfalls. That information is like gold. 

It's the best education I ever got and I am watching my little one like a hawk, tracking her lunar cycle so that when she is older I can explain to her how she can take care of herself emotionally.

Did you know that the Lunar Cycle of a women establishes itself in the womb, right after conception. How incredible is that?!

It is my passion to share this with woman around that world. Join the live one class and get clarity to what has mystified women for eons!

Below is a FREE GIFT FOR YOU! The Lunar Woman diagram! 

Imagine the power that you would have from knowing what emotional basis you were heading into. How you could use its strengths and avoid its pitfalls. Onwards to mastery!



Walking In The Light,