Epiphanies HURT!

(Sukhdev) "To burn through the fire that life puts me through, or shall I say that I put myself through, I have to run, run, run, run! Out in nature. Solo, no one yapping in my ear. No child on my back, just me, myself and I .

Occasionally ipod tucked on my left hip....and here comes an insight from listening to Steven Pressfield's book Turning Pro. 

Yesterday morning, just a few days after launching Conscious Relationships course I found myself in a not so great mood and barking at both my husband anddaughter whilst we all scurry to get ready to leave the house.

Her watery eyes explode into tears and a loud " Mama stop it!" as I push a chair over and curse out....wow not so pretty from this mama who just is preaching about Conscious Relationships!

I had a great epiphany in that moment. Most moments of clarity and breakthroughs are painful. This I am coming to understand. And my self compassion is growing immensely which allows for a much quicker recovery....

What I realized is that been in conscious relationship is not about doing it perfectly. We are not these yogis that are perfectly balanced in their neutral minds with no negative emotional outbursts! We are real people, doing real life, and also committed to do our best.

The consciousness part comes into it with one's ability to make a comeback from from an ungraceful moment.  So I grab my daughter in my arms and explain to her that I am frustrated. That I want to be with her in that moment, but I also have to get ready for class. And that there are a bunch of things on my mind in that moment and I lost it! Just the act of expressing myself authentically dissolved the negative emotion instantly.

Akah stays quiet as he knows a woman expresses herself through her emotions and if she is left alone to just ride it out, they resolve themselves much quicker then if he gets involved. And all that lasted just three minutes and resolved itself. Instead of Akah and I getting into it and escalating....

What we are sharing with you here are insights such as this. And the tools and practices that have helped us in doing something different than we witnessed as children and ultimately break the programming most of us grew up in.  Healing is a journey. Relationships are a journey. And the greatest gift we offer all those around us is to be gentle, and allow for self compassion....


In Divine Love,