A Dream Come True...

It was never in my plans to be a yoga teacher, until I found myself in Guru Singh's Kundalini Yoga class in Los Angeles in 2005. I had just experienced a 40 day practice of Kundalini Yoga in London by myself. My then healer/teacher Akah gave me a set and a mantra to do every day. I clearly  had an awakening and then a massive crash. I had no idea what I was doing and I was desperate for a new way of life...free from the pain, the drugs, the abusive relationships and a life filled with chaos and drama.

Guru Singh says " Put your hand up if you are doing teacher training this year" my hand shot up without knowing what I was doing, like I had no control over my body! I was thinking to myself, I am a musician, what the heck am I doing a Yoga teacher training for?!  I was in such a desperate place in my life, I so ached for a change, I was ready for anything. I wanted freedom from the only turbulent life I had known.

Ten years later I find myself trekking with my little family to teach at Omega, In Rhinebeck, NY beside Gurmukh and Wah for The Radiant Power Of A Woman. Aykanna will also be providing the music and a concert for the Omega campus on Wednesday night.

Wow...I am soaking up this moment....really relishing in the path that I have taken. My destiny knocked so strong on the door of my heart, that I never  questioned it. Though my mind sure questioned it! 

I am saying all this because many of us aren't fully present to the magnificence that we are. We can often look to the next thing, far ahead in the future, missing the accomplishment, beauty and essence of the moment. And embracing and enjoying what we have created. This is my meditation right now. To be fully here, bathing in all the hard work, daily practices and soul churning journey I've been on for the last ten years. It's been epic, magnificent, painful and creative. I would not have it any other way. 

In my many years of teaching and facilitating women's programs, I have encountered many powerful women who run into these three major blocks

  • Sabotaging behaviors surface when its time bring their creative gift to the world

  • Running from relationships during challenging times

  • Putting their wellbeing and health in other's hands instead of taking the time dig in to find out the root of the issue and heal themselves.

I am inspired to offer this incredible program called Foundations Of Power for Women, the contents of which have helped me and countless women find their way to Peace, Health, and their true creative power. I have designed this program to serve women locally and virtually. Read more about it here

In Pure Joy!