Are you Done Yet?

I don't know about you but I am done. I am done using my childhood trauma as an excuse for not having my shit together. My finances, the way I show up in my relationships, the way I take care of my health and the courage it takes to share my gifts.

I have found this to be a pattern many women today are still caught up in. They do all this spirit and new age work but at the root of their pain they are still living in this ego-centric reality of " you owe me!" 

"Poor me...This happen to childhood trauma, he left me, she did this to me...." And Inside our being we raging and screaming and doing everything to look Divine on the exterior..It's this attitude of the whole world owes me and I should get my way! And when things are not going right, I am going to act out. Over eat, over spend, sabotage relationships and the list go on and I making you mad?

Yes I am being bold....i'm just in that mood today!

It's the Narcissism we are addicted to. And sometimes we don't even know it....and when we awaken from that, it's like "Thank Goddess, now I can change this!" Awareness is the door opening.

Most of us are living in a very finite reality whilst more than 200 billion galaxies rest behind our eyes. We have been raised as addicts (it's the nature of this age) and ego-centric beings UNTIL we engage our will at a deeply disciplined level to break through the invisible ego-centric chord that we are bound to. We think our Spirit is running us but most of the time it is our egos that are running us and keeping all that negative stuff in place so that we don't live in our true potential.

And how painful is it to not live in our potential?! I know when It comes to my stuff, it causes me great pain which then turns into health issues which I then become obsessive with and they begin to cloud everything that I aspire to share and accomplish in this life. 

This is the work I am deep into right now as I know it is the only place left to go and truly resolve. If any of this resonates with you, know that Your health and wellbeing is completely connected to this. 

Aaah awareness sucks sometimes but man it is liberating to call yourself on your own shit!

My women's training begins tomorrow and if you feel the call,  it will be an opportunity for you to call yourself out and establish a daily practice so that you can break through the negativity that may have been plaguing you for years and years.  Are you ready to  re-write your  Destiny? Or maybe just keep handing it over to fate...your call

As we heal, so all those around us will heal. Let's do this.

All in Divine Love,




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"The Power of A Woman Workshop with Sukhdev sent me on a journey to go deeper within myself to practice my meditation and to seek the truth in my everyday life.  

I am still on this journey months later the insight and nourishment and the love have planted a seed that is now flowering.  I am thankful for the work she has shared with so many people. 

She reaches out through her music, her wisdom,  her guided meditation and her open arms.  Truly a gift!  Looking forward to the next awakening with her and the people that surround her."

Julie R, CA


Sukhdev, I want to express my deepest gratitude for you. Thank you for this amazing healing journey you took us on in Women, Love, Intuition. Thank you for introducing me to the women's teachings of Yogi Bhajan that have transformed my world. Thank you for introducing me to the mother wound. 

Thank you for awakening me to a new depth of me. I will never forget when you said, "Your students will go as deep as you go as a teacher" and you are a teacher that really goes deep into the healing work of the mind, body, and soul. 

You are one of the bravest souls I have ever met. The people that have been through the hardest struggles are the most powerful teachers. That's you. Your courage inspires me deeply. Thank you for being a powerful teacher. 

Arlene, CA

Working with Sukhdev for the past 4 years has been an amazing journey. Her authentic approach to teaching Kundalini Yoga is uplifting and encouraging; shedding light upon the shadow. Through her Women workshops I have had amazing breakthroughs within myself. Her humble approach and her strong presence captivates, inspires, & provokes one into their own journey of self discovery and growth. Not only one of the best Kundalini Yoga teachers I have come across, but along with her husband Akah, she brings her gift through her devotional music in Aykanna

- Angela Lindvall - Mother, Super-Model, Activist