3 Days Ago We Launched Aykanna's Kickstarter Campaign and....

…..fully stepped into being responsible for the gift the Creator gave us to give. 

Its been a life long journey for Pauline Sukhdev and Akahdahmah to discover their true gift within. Through the trials and victories experienced on the path of life we have learned that when you develop and offer your talents with love to uplift others you will also be healed, blessed and experience miracles at the same time. 

To be what we came to Earth to Be for us is a journey of liberation from the world created by the profit driven corporate information complex. This journey of liberation moves us beyond what we know about ourselves. When we become conscious of our  responsibility to Be our purpose, we bring value to our life as family members thriving  on Earth together.

To experience all the provisions your Truth provides requires the knowledge of your Sacred Self.

To walk this path requires commitment to discovering and refining the gifts and talents within to share with the world.

  We are deep in the final production phases of our 2nd CD. This CD is an offering to our Mother Earth, Mothers on Earth and the Divine Feminine Principle in us all. Being an  available channel for this CD to manifest was a test of releasing the need to have our preferences fulfilled so the passion of the creative process could express fully through every vessel required to bring this type of art work to life.

As we were opening ourselves to let go and truly trust in our purpose by sending out this kickstarter video to you, in that moment at the studio a blue jay brought a acorn to our door window, looked at us in the eyes and flew away.

At that very moment we where finishing the final edits on our kick starter campaign and realized it was time to let go of any fear and doubt and Be our Truth in the world.

Give thanks to all of you who offer what you can to support a Creative process that is a benefit to humanity.

May you all be blessed and experience miracles.

One Love