The Blessing of this Life

This life journey never fails to surprise me. What wonder we can live in when we stay open to the flow of guidance. Awakening is a process. It can take a lifetime for some, a moment for others and a work in progress for most. Over the last few weeks we have been travelling from PA to VA, NY to NJ to end up spending 10 days in Boulder, Colorado. We were blessed to share a concert at The Yoga Journal Conference with Saul David Raye and Kia Miller as well as accompanying Kia  in her yoga classes.

We had planned to be in Boulder a whole week leading up to a concert and workshop we were teaching. Once there we began to think to ourselves , “why are we here for a whole week for just this one workshop and concert, we have so much to do! How can we afford to just chill in Boulder for a whole week???”


The mountains speak and we surrendered the controlled ideas and relaxed into the land and the knowing that there is a Divine plan at work which we most of the time  have no idea what it is until it shows up! A few days in with our dear friend and producer in Boulder,  her father begun to make his transition after spending a year in Hospice. We ended up chanting and praying at his bedside for two days whilst he found the courage to let go of this earthly coat and go back on his Soul Journey. Along with his daughter, a powerful kundalini yoga teacher with a heart of gold, it seemed we were there as ushers for him and a comfort to our friend who needed to be held during this time. It was a magical time, as magical as a birth,  when the body chooses their last exhale. 


It showed me so much about our attachments to life and  to people. Yet, as my husband would say,  all we are really attached to is this breath. It showed the utter divine plan that is always in order and if we trust, the guidance and the grace is present.  We were clear that we became a big part of this father and daughter’s life, playing guitar, chanting at his bedside….Wahe Guru……Mother…..  Akah would hold sacred rhythms with the rattle and sing native songs, holding a vibration of peace and love whilst children uttered words of forgiveness over the phone so that he could feel like he was complete and release his Earth coat. What a gift.  One of the elements that taught me so much was to see how his daughter handled everything that she was faced with. With so much grace and courage, allowing her emotions to flow. We experienced the full spectrum of life within a week. Tears, laughter, grief, sadness, joy and so much more that I have no words for right now. Only the experience is left imprinted in my heart.  


Akah looked at me the next morning and simply said ” Aykanna grew up”. It was a mesmorizing and blessed experience which has left with a renewed and deepened appreciation for this breath, this life, our friendships and the call to keep sharing our gifts. Keep sharing yours, it always makes a difference even when it goes quietly unnoticed.


IN Divine Love,   

 Sat Nam,