The Voice Within

The stories of our lives keep us humble. 

They keep us sharing the truth of who we are. 

Keep sharing the tapestry of your life

and heal others with the vivid images of your victories.

Let your belly release and breathe the breath of the Great Mother.

Rest in her arms when you cannot find yourself.

Forgive everything, especially you, as she holds you like her very own child.


A woman is a tender being and a warrior all in the same breath

Our words can cut and bleed someone to death

or they can resurrect  Truth and Order.


We grow strong, yet sometimes we are weak.

Often humbled but all that we cannot control. 

We relinquish control and we dance wildly 

in the moonlight, wether our hearts ache or celebrate.

We cannot have one without the other.


No matter what you face in life. TRUST. Know that you are carried. 


The reverence in our hearts as women is our lifeline. 

We have to believe in so much bigger than what our blurry eyes can see. 


Grow into your Self woman. 

Stop comparing. 

Looking over there. 

Competing against an illusion

of what a woman is to BE.


BE you. 


Leave relationships and places where you cannot grow into your self.


Leave the collective and the conditioning to find the voice within. 


The voice within is the Truth.






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