Wanderlust Festival Experience

It’s late Sunday night, Lake Tahoe, Wanderlust Festival just ended. Some 5000 people rolled through this 2nd year festival and experienced yoga, music and nature set in a backdrop of a gorgeous mountain resort in Tahoe. Some of the greatest teachers from the US were present delivering this ancient technology each with their own twist on it. Music from Kirtan to Michael Franti to the Wailers was blaring from noon to midnight.  Up on top of the mountain, it was pool party time  with Dj’s and all sorts of fun happenings. There was something here for everyone.  

What touched me the most were the tears I would see roll down people’s faces in yoga classes as hearts were breathed open, stress relieved and maybe a new light had made itself through the cracks of someone’s controlled existence.

My experience? As Aykanna, Akah and I  set a strong intention before we came.

An intention to fully show up, be engaged, present and ready to share this healing music as a tool to uplift consciousness. We also proclaimed that whatever we had to give was enough. We were enough amongst the super stardom status that is being created in this new wave of yoga and music business that cannot be escaped as I once heard someone say “wherever they are a lot of people, there is big business”. It can be easy for any of us, doing what we love or not, to get into the mode of just DOING, going through the motions. I experienced the power of intention in a new way,  when one  truly lives from intention, life responds accordingly. The whole Omniverse cooperates and is at one’s service.


We had a successful festival, met incredible people, shared Aykanna’s vision and now its time to go rest and nestle in the hot springs for a day and night!  

We were blessed once again to play with our family Kia Miller’s and Tommy Rosen’s yoga classes. On the mountain top we laughed, we chanted, we cried, we gave thanks and we shared all that we had to give. It’s good to be alive. Fully. 

With love, In service,   

 Sat Nam,