What is AYKANNA? Who is AYKANNA?


AYKANNA is a Sacred Sound System on a mission to reveal the healing and miracle power of music to all people.

AYKANNA is an Amaraic word that is part of a meditation, called the Lord’s Prayer. It is important to comprehend that during ancient middle eastern times there was no religious connection to these words like there is today. It was used to for spiritual attunment.

These sacred sounds were used as a way to tune into the inexhaustible power of the Great Parent of Creation, a power that is available to all. It was recited as a way to open the door of peace, health, prosperity and an understanding of our oneness with the Source of Life.


The word Aykanna, first appears in the 4th line. The literal translation in Aramaic is, “just as.” Aramaic scholar, Neil Douglas-Klotz informs us that in this ancient language a word is more than its literal translation it also has a spiritual, metaphorical and metaphysical meaning. In his book, Prayers of the Cosmos, he translates the literal and other meanings of the the word, “ Aykanna  (“just as”) carries the sense of a determined desire toward consistency and stability. We pray that God’s heart-desire be done consistently through our lives in form as it is in sound(word) and light(image or vision).”


To us music is alive, intelligent and has a harmonizing purpose. We have learned to release the need to create music. Instead, we allow music to reveal what it needs to be. Being the instrument for music to express through gave us the experience of Aykanna as the communicating link between Heaven and Earth. A link or channel that is delivering life energy from Heaven to establish harmony on Earth.

We, Pauline Sukhdev and Akahdahmah, without knowing started out on our individual path using music as a way to remain sane, sober, heal and sometimes just help us to focus on appreciating life.

Aykanna resurrected into our life when we where called to be musical support for yoga classes and retreats. Little did we know that we where initiated into BEING, Aykanna.


We were called by our dear friend Kia Miller to do music for her yoga DVD and after finishing, the project also birthed into our 1st CD, "Livelight". This is when we realized Aykanna is more than an ancient metaphoric word on paper. It is a very real living channel of Life energy in us all that allows Heaven to continuously revitalize life on Earth as well as our Earth Mother.

Who is Aykanna? We are ALL Aykanna!

We are the channel that Heaven expresses through to establish, peace, abundance, love, and harmony on Earth.

One Love