We are re-launching our  ground breaking conscious relationships online course after much requests from you.

It's for everyone.

We will be sharing principles for living that come from yogic teachings and ancient wisdom, including mantra meditations and breakthrough relationships tools that will help you shift out of negative emotional patterns you may face in your relationships. We have dedicated our 10 years of relationship to creating a healthy family environment that allowed to feel secure within ourselves and TRUST in love. And collectively Akah and Sukhdev have 40 years walking a spiritual path. 

These principles of living have the potential to (when applied)  make THE difference to your experience of relationship: to yourself, to your family, your beloved and the world.

Take the journey with us.


Family and community is the foundation for PEACE ON THE PLANET.

Take a deep breath and read on.... 

It has not always been pretty. We've been strung out on love relationships that just could not seem to work no matter what we did. Its been ugly at times. There has been moments where our tired hearts has resumed to been alone for the rest of our life. We've experienced enough heart break, holding on to the very last strand of hope. 

We have spent the last ten years committed to developing a conscious family environment where each could thrive and be what they came to BE. On this platform we come together to work through our blocks and create conscious relationships that work. Where we let our path be our stepping stone, leave what no longer works behind and jump into the possibility of LOVE.

We have all been so isolated and its becoming a global issue! Where is the connection? We can be together, married and living in the same house and yet so removed from one another. Where is our family? Where is this great talk of love that we once dreamed of? Right your your your friendships, in your listening. In your presence. Its time to renew all that we may have lost hope in.

 We have both been faced by this at some point in our relationship but discovered through sticking out the last ten years together that  through conscious communication, vulnerability and presence, we can reconnect with what was once lost through the traumas and issues we grew up in and experienced ourselves. We  live to serve one another. It has been that way since the beginning of time. Listening is the doorway to receiving. Yet we are so inadated with our busy heads that we can't even focus long enough to listen authentically to each other.

All that you long to experience is a doorway to your happiness. And out of happiness life effortlessly flows through us. We don't do well alone. Closed in our little perfect safe existences. Relationships can be messy and its a part of the beauty of it all. 

This invitation is especially for those who feel a strong urge to answer that calling within their hearts. This free online course is an introduction to 30 day program that we are offering.

Conscious relationships is not just another online seminar to get you jazzed for a few moments. It's a life practice, a change of mind set geared towards flexibility of the Self. It's a daily practice to listen, to be, to connect, to share, to be vulnerable and to be PRESENT. It's really about you connecting with YOU. The conscious relationship you long for births from that space 

 We are here to support you in creating conscious loving and lasting relationshipS.  Wether you are IN A RELATIONSHIP OR LONG TO BE IN ONE, THIS IS FOR YOU.

Receive powerful effective relationship tools from Sukhdev & Akahdahmah who have been on a transformational ten-year journey together co-creating a conscious relationship and family environment.  

Your time has come to move past everything that has been holding you back from having a conscious loving relationship where you thrive and flourish individually and as a couple.


  • Putting your self care on the back burner and always finding something to get in the way of living the life you will learn how to create time to nurture and love yourself. Spiritually, physically and emotionally.
  • Feeling disconnected from passionate lovemaking and intimacy.....Longing for a new level of romance and  wondering how you are ever going to get your mojo rising again. ......get ready to get steamy and sacred!
  • Arguments and tension around financial conversations........learn the keys to bringing ease and flow into your financial life.
  • Spending way too much  time processing events in your relationship, bickering, criticizing  and getting plugged in by each other.....its about to get really fun and joyful!
  • Not feeling heard and like your partner is never matching up to your expectations. Wanting him or her to be more like YOU!........dissolve false beliefs and create powerfully your experience with one another.
  • Unable to share whats really going on, feeling out of touch with your true feelings.  
  • Criticizing, blaming and complaining about what is not working in the relationship instead of working with what is possible.

A little bit about our story:

When Akahdahmah and I met in a self transformation seminar in 1999, we had no idea that this powerful friendship which was birthed playing music together and my consulting him as a herbalist and healer would turn into a Divine Love Affair. We had no idea we would get married in 2010 and birth a beautiful daughter in 2012. So much magic, love and consciousness is between us,  yet we had to develop a new set of skills and personal practices to thrive and keep create lasting passionate love once the honeymoon period began to fade. 

Love that could overcome the realities of life such as loss of parents, financial pressures, in laws troubles, a fussy child to name a few. Nothing could prepare us for running the household, dealing with the endless chores, paying bills,  the upkeep of our life and taking care of our child. 


We soon begun to see that our individual practice and some new skills had to be learned in order to  deepen and keep creating magic amongst what can sometime become the mundane in life if you let it. 

We begun to see that we needed to learn some new relationship skills in order to keep thriving creatively in our marriage. So that we could keep relating to each other with freshness, presence and loving kindness. 

It is our greatest joy to offer to you what has helped us break through some negative habits and behaviors and create a joyful, fulfilling and sacredly sexy relationship! 

Wether you are single, about to break up and just want to get it right, the Conscious Loving Relationship Program will give you a roadmap to a new kind of relationship. One oozing with joy, positive energy, emotional transparency and true intimacy. 

We will share with you the process that has worked and continues to work for us. Conscious Relationship will give you a direct experience and step by step process of  how to create your dream relationships. 


sign up today AND BEGIN RIGHT AWAY!