July 20-27th, 2019, Nosara, Costa Rica

Enter into this magical Blue Zone© in the midst of the lush nature of Nosara, Costa Rica. 

Blue Spirit Retreat Center overlooks the great Pacific Mother. The Pranic life force of this sacred land of Nosara is a nourishing experience that can rejuvenate one deeply at a cellular level.

It is a healing land that calls you into the Inner sanctuary of your Being where the source of your voice lives.

Join Sukhdev & Akah for a magical adventure as we explore the origins and Creative power of your Voice. As well as tap into your own personal muse as you find new ways of expressing your own versions of Mantras and songs.

This tool was given to us to vibrate peace and sacredness in our lives, even in turbulent times.

We will gather under the sun, the moon and stars, by the Ocean and find our way home to ourselves. Gently nourishing the parts of us that want to be tended to but may get overlooked in our busy everyday lives. 

The stillness you can find, the local foods that nourish, the land, the ocean waves and the bounty of starry nights are quite exquisite.  We will be together for 7 nights and seven days and re-member…together.

Aykanna couple  copy.jpg

Hearts and minds open, we travel into sacred songs, ancient mantras, kundalini yoga and practices that will guide us into a deeper experience of the center of our Being

We look forward to gathering with you!

In Joy & Laughter

Sukhdev & Akah💌

Unleashing The Song of your Soul through Mantra & Songwriting”

Connect to the practice of sacred sound, and watch your life flourish into new realms of expansion. Mantra, the Sanskrit word for “mental liberation,” plays a key role in activating our innate personal power. Using vocals in the form of mantra and chanting is immensely powerful in bringing about vast space within oneself, granting us the courage to allow even the most shadowy of emotions to arise - and to conquer them with fierce grace.

Each one of us carries this God-given capacity to creatively exercise our  unique sound (or voice), so whether you’re a professional singer or you only sing in the shower, you can tap into this ancient practice that connects you to the unseen world and dive deeper into the creative realms of your uniqueness..

The timeless science of sacred sound has been used for centuries as a means of unleashing the power of divine creativity, guiding the practitioner to forge their own creative destinies. This allows us to develop a path that is in alignment with our deepest soul desires - to develop the grit, power and caliber necessary to tap into our unique gifts and share them with the world.

Join Sukhdev & Akah on a mystical journey into the world of sacred song in discovery of your own unique voice, allowing the unfolding of your Destiny path to reveal itself through this ancient sacred voyage into sound using the powerful tools of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation.

"There is nothing more powerful than the sound of your own voice to heal you."

Yogi Bhajan


This joyous work is for anybody who wants to connect more deeply to their own divinity, and tap into the creative surge that rests dormant within them.


SOme of what this journey holds for you:

  • The ancient science and art of Mantra (Mind projection & protection)

  • Prayers and Shabads from the Kundalini tradition, Bhakti tradition,  Arameic prayers, Women's circle songs.

  • How to harness the power of breath to tap into your original sound.

  • How to develop your singing voice and sacred sound using the Raag Indian Scale and warm ups.

  • Powerful pranyamas, kriyas & meditations to tap into the power of your unique voice and unleash your creative longing.

  • (For Songwriter’s group) How to write from Spirit and put your own music to sacred mantras.

  • Aykanna Live in concert on Friday night with Special guests!

  • Dance Of The Soul: A special night of ecstatic dance: lead by Sukhdev & Beats By Oracle (Epic Parisian DJ!)

A typical day on The Voice of Peace retreat looks like this:

  • Early morning practice with devotional chanting. Experience the energetic shift that activates when we use our Sacred Voice.

  • Daily powerful kundalini yoga and meditation practices.

  • Workshops during the day: Dive deep into the science of mantra, learn shabads, ancient prayers and discover new ways and techniques to open your voice, gain confidence and sing the song of your Soul.

  • Sacred Songwriting class available for beginning and experienced songwriters with Sukhdev

  • Sukhdev will lead a women's circle and Akah will take the men for an afternoon workshop.

  • Thursday night we have a soulful movement experience led by Sukhdev called "The Dance of the Soul". Experience Pascale, our incredible Parisian Female DJ as we journey into the Chakras.

  • Friday night there will be an Aykanna concert with special guest.

  • Every afternoon you will either rest, ocean bathe, surf, go on amazing jungle excursions or receive a transformative bodywork/healing session from the gifted healers that work there.

  • There is a longevity program set up where you can either do a light or a deeper guided cleanse if you wish.



Blue Spirit is located in one of the world’s Blue Zones© which inspired the name Blue Spirit. According to author Dan Buettner, the Nicoya Peninsula is one of five Blue Zone’s in the world: a Blue Zone is an area where paeople live the longest and report the highest levels of well-being. While visiting Blue Spirit, you will feel the resonance of a vibrant, inspiring, and healing energy, because of the rich subtropical environment, and the cultural lifestyle.

Your stay at Blue Spirit offers you a comfortable and elegant accommodation of your choice, delicious gourmet vegetarian cuisine, a salt-water infinity pool, koi pond, café, gift shop, spa services and longevity programoutdoor excursions, and complimentary wireless service

All prices listed below cover the following:
Your accommodations, the Voice Of Peace retreat classes, 3 meals each day and use of Blue Spirit’s beautiful facilities.

They do not include: airfare, airport transfers, spa treatments or optional excursions. All that information will be shared with you when you register.



Please note that in order to be eligible for the per person double occupancy rate, you will need to have two paying adults in the room.

Once you have made your reservation in a double occupancy room, you will be in touch with Monica and you will provide the name of your roommate.  

And, even if you think you could never, ever imagine cancelling your participation in this amazing retreat, once you apply and register, we will send you our cancellation policy (purchasing trip insurance is recommended)

Note: to get early bird pricing, you must book before and pay in full by March 30th, 2019

July 20-27th, 2019, Nosara, Costa Rica


The following are located in the main building: Superior Ocean View Rooms, Ocean View Rooms, Mountain View Rooms and Hermitage Rooms.

Nature Suites, Eco Cottages, Pacifico Cottages and Tent Platforms are down the hill from the main building, accessed by beautiful sets of stairs that wind through the jungle.

Single Occupancy Prices: $3290 early bird, $3490 regular pricing Double Occupancy Prices: $2465 per person, early bird, $2665 per person, regular pricing

SOLD OUT Superior Ocean View Rooms with A/C
(single or double occupancy)

These beautiful double rooms have step-out balconies and lots of windows with extraordinary ocean views. The room is elegantly furnished to provide the most luxurious space for couples or singles.

Each room has a king-sized bed, a private bathroom with solar hot water and air conditioning. Superior Ocean View rooms have a safety box large enough to fit a 17″ laptop computer.

Single Occupancy Prices: $3490 regular pricing. Double Occupancy Prices: $2465 per person

Ocean View.jpeg

SOLD OUT Ocean View Rooms with A/C
(double occupancy only)

These double rooms have step-out balconies and beautiful ocean views. The rooms are tastefully furnished and provide the perfect space for two people.

Each room has a king-sized bed or two twins, with a private bathroom with solar hot water and air conditioning. Ocean View rooms have a safety box large enough to fit a 17″ laptop computer.

Double Occupancy Prices: $2460 per person, regular pricing

Mountain View Rooms with A/C
(double occupancy only)

This double room has a step-out balcony and large windows with an extraordinary mountain view. The room is tastefully furnished and provides the perfect space for two people.

It has a king-sized bed or two twins with a private bathroom with solar hot water and air conditioning. Mountain View Rooms have a safety box large enough to fit a 17″ laptop computer.

Double Occupancy Prices: $2355 per person, regular pricing

Chino LoriaIMGP7436-HDR.jpg

Hermitage Single/Couple Bedroom with A/C (single or double occupancy)

These rooms are specifically designed for singles and provide privacy and elegance, while being cozy and inexpensive. Many of these rooms have partial views of the ocean and others of the mountains nearby, a queen-sized bed, a private bathroom with solar hot water and a air conditioning. Hermitage Rooms have a safety box large enough to fit a 17″ laptop computer.

Single Occupancy Prices:$2355 regular pricing

Double Occupancy Prices: $2080 per person, regular pricing

Chino LoriaIMGP7868-Editar copy.jpg

Pacifico Cottages with A/C
(single or double occupancy)

The Pacifico Cottages are tucked away amidst the lush tropical gardens and close enough to the sandy Pacific Beach so that the sound of the Ocean will rock you into sleep.

Perfect for a couple, these beautiful and rustic new rooms feature a private porch with a hammock, 1 queen bed, an outdoor shower, air conditioning, and a safe big enough to fit a 17″ laptop. From the main building the Cottages are a short walk down the hill towards the beach.

Double Occupancy Prices: $2335 per person, regular pricing

Single Occupancy Prices: $2550 regular pricing

Chino LoriaIMGP7678.jpg

Double Occupancy Prices: $2310 per person, regular pricing

Nature Suites with A/C
(double occupancy only)

Nature Suites are very cozy and located on a hillside overlooking the lush vegetation. They are simple and natural wood frame structures and have private bathrooms with an outdoor shower overlooking the jungle.

Each Suite sleeps two people in either a king bed or two twin beds and includes a separate enclosed porch with a desk. All Suites have solar hot water as well as air conditioning. The Suites are a short walk up the hill to the Main Building. Nature Suites have a safety box large enough to fit a 17″ laptop computer.

(double occupancy only)

The cottages are beautifully situated in lush vegetation, allowing for a sensual being-in-touch experience with nature. They are simple and natural wood frame structures with screening for natural ventilation.

Each Cottage sleeps two people and has a private bathroom with ambient temperature water shower, or you can use our shared bathhouse with hot water showers.

Everything runs on solar powered electricity to provide a comfortable and ecological setting. The Eco-Cottages are situated below the Main Building and involve a short hike up a stone stairway to get to the Main Building. Each Eco-Cottage has a safety box large enough to fit a 17″ laptop computer.

Chino LoriaIMGP7793-Editar.jpg

Double Occupancy Prices: $1850 per person, regular pricing


Glamping option

(single occupancy only)

Tent, queen size bed, linens and fan/lights are all provided. 

Single occupancy only:  $1810 per person, regular pricing

July 20-27th, 2019, Nosara, Costa Rica

Local pricing includes use of the facilities, full program and three meals a day. No lodging.

Limited Space available. Register Today.

Early bird until June 30th, 2019. Save $100


About Blue Spirit, Costa Rica


Payment Schedule:

  • A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is due at time of registration.is deposit is non refundable AND non transferable.

    • You are also welcome to pay in full upon registration.

    • To Secure the Early Bird rate: Payment due full by March 30th, 2019

    • Regular registration rate: Goes into effect for any registrations on or after March 30th, 2019

    • Payment in full is due no later than May 30th, 2019

Cancellation Policy:

•Our cancellation policy is strict and firm. We recommend that you purchase a cancellation/travel insurance policy to protect your investment: insuremytrip.com is a company that has a multitude of policies to choose from, including a “cancel for any reason” rider option.

•The $500.00 per person deposit is non refundable and non transferable.

•Cancellations on or before May 20th, 2019: You will forfeit your deposit of $500.00 plus a cancellation fee of $100.00. The remainder of your payment will be refunded to you.

•Cancellations on or after May 20th, 2019: You will forfeit ALL money rendered.

•Please do not make any travel arrangements before receiving confirmation of registration.


Q: Is yoga experience necessary?

A: Yes, you will want to have at least begun a practice of yoga. However, the yoga we teach, while challenging to each individual, will be accessible to practitioners at every level.

Q: Can I bring a partner or friend?

A: Absolutely! If you have a partner or friend who wants to join, please ask them to apply and include your name in their application. Sharing this transformational week with someone close to you is such a gift.

Q: What is included in the price?

A: Prices start at $2,000 US, with various lodging options available. Your accommodations at Blue Spirit, all of your meals (with ample vegan and GF options), all lectures, yoga, and retreat activities are included. You should not need to spend more than a few dollars in addition to this cost while staying at Blue Spirit. 

Q: What is not included in this price?

A: Your transportation to and from Blue Spirit (air and ground), spa or excursion services, surf lessons, additional snacks, gift shop purchases and incidentals. We do like to venture into town as a group one night and dine out – you could easily find a lovely meal with tax and tip for less than $20 US.

Q: What about travel, vaccines, and money?

A: You will need a valid passport to travel to Costa Rica, but you will not need a Visa if you are coming from the US, Canada, or the European Union. The drinking water is good at Blue Spirit and in the nearby town of Playa Guiones, as it is in most of Costa Rica, and no additional vaccines are recommended. If you’re planning to spend time off site, you may want to get some Costa Rican Colones, although US dollars are widely accepted both at Blue Spirit and in the surrounding community.

Q: Will I need air conditioning?

A: Blue Spirit offers lodging options with and without A/C, and the common areas are primarily open air, no A/C. Fans are provided in the rooms without A/C, but only you know yourself. If you’re quite accustomed to a cool sleeping environment, you may prefer a lodging option that includes A/C. We have never felt overburdened by heat in any of the lodging options.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Beach clothing, yoga clothing (shorts), slip on shoes and your camera! You can leave your shampoo and soap at home, because luxurious and eco-friendly options are provided (and required) to help protect the turtle sanctuary at Blue Spirit. Yoga mats and props are also provided, as are bath towels. Beach towels are available for purchase in the gift shop. There are no laundry facilities, so we recommend packing accordingly. You can always walk or arrange for a car to go into Playa Guiones (about an hour walk on the beach, or about a 12-minute car ride) if you need incidentals that are not available in the beautiful gift shop.

Q: Are there places to stay before and after?

A: Playa Guiones has many wonderful places to stay at all price points. Blue Spirit may have a room available for you before and after, although the property is only open to those attending retreats. There are budget-friendly hostels, luxury hotels, and yoga retreat properties all within a 30 minute drive of Blue Spirit.

Q: Where do I fly into? What is the best way to get to Blue Spirit?

A: – Liberia (LIR) is a 2.5 hour ride away from the retreat center. You can arrange round-trip shuttle transportation with Blue Spirit, which is very comfortable.
– San Jose (SJO), about a one-hour charter flight away.

Q: Are there places to stay before and after?

A: Yes please contact us at aykannasound@gmail.com for more information