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Bermuda Yoga Festival 2016

  • Bermuda Yoga Festival Grotto Bay Beach Resort 11 Blue Hole Hill, CR 04 Bermuda (map)

It's as if time stands still… the sub-tropical warmth of Bermuda’s springtime, yet so much awakens. 

Imagine yourself in a tranquil setting enjoying a restorative herbal tea after your invigorating morning yoga session with a renowned teacher. You ponder the gift you just received; the a-ha from having that one posture explained a certain way, or the lightness of those previously aching muscles. 

Ahh, the long slow breath sets you on course for an incredible weekend, journeying out of winter to the Bermuda Yoga Festival. Intimate. Revitalizing. Restorative.


Join Aykanna, Saul David Raye, Sienna Sherman, Peter Sterios & Many more! 

Aykanna Schedule:



Foundations of Power for Women: With Sukhdev Jackson
Exploring and reconnecting with the innate power that woman is a living prayer.  Her word creates worlds. Her prayer is ongoing and manifests itself through her projection. Using the tools of Kundalini Yoga, meditation and chanting, we reconnect to our natural state of Being and tap into our power to heal and manifest.

Discover and apply the foundations of power and what it means to be living from your intuition, on purpose, sharing your gift and celebrating your life!  Heal your body, emotions and traumas and help others do the same.  This two-part workshop will help you to unlock your creative power and deliver you to your potential.  Walking as a living prayer, align with your destiny to experience success and power in all areas of your life.

Conscious Relationships & Mantra with Aykanna:
Learn how to communicate with authenticity, vulnerability and courage. Create deep and intimate connections. Discover MANTRA meditations and breakthrough RELATIONSHIP TOOLS that will help you to shift out of negative emotional patterns and create all relationships from a conscious loving place.

Kundalini Yoga & Mantra Class:  Aykanna
Deep Listening –  Awakening the voice of your soul. In this Kundalini Yoga and mantra class, you will activate your authentic voice with the power of the ancient sounds & languages of the Earth. Mantra means “the Light of the Mind”. Through Suniai (pronounced sunee-ah) – meaning Deep Listening, we gain access to the subtle energy systems of the body and the Universe. Everything is revealed to know and fulfill our purpose for living.

As we chant together, we raise our vibration and get in touch with the power that is at our fingertips. We are living in a time where we are being asked to consciously raise our vibration so we use our creative power to uplift and celebrate the human spirit.

Get your full festival pass for $445. Prices go up after February 16th, 2016

Earlier Event: April 6
Aykanna at Sat Nam Fest West!
Later Event: June 18
Peace Prayer Day Concert