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Shakti School Online Women's Training


"Into Your True Power"

Shakti School Online Training

Begins April 26th, 2017

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  • The 8 different qualities that a woman needs to embody to bring herself in alignment with her innate power and natural manifestational abilities


  • The science of Kundalini Yoga and meditation for women. Specific kriyas, meditations and mantras that will assist you to break through negativity, recreate your subconscious communication with yourself to empower you, turn depression into devotion and activate and renew your inner Shakti creative fire. 


  • The understanding of your own unique 11 moon centers cycle. Giving you the tools to track and discover your own unique emotional cycle that fluctuates every two and half days. A road map to work with your emotions and answer many questions which may have mystified you your whole life ( and the men in your life!) How to maximize your strengths and understand your weakness and strengthen yourself in those areas with specific meditations, kriyas and mantras.


  • The science of intuition and how to tap into the creative life-force that governs everything in your body and Universe.


  • The benefits of a daily practice andhow to sustain it as a lifelong practice making it the most important thing you do every day. Leaving you ready for the day and what there is to face and feeling empowered through activating your will, caliber and discipline.


  • A simple system to access and live from the neutral mind. Also known as the meditative mind, where you come out of the “hustle and hassle” mode of attraction and live from the “relax and attract” mode of attraction. A way women are designed to live. 


  • The art of living a purposeful life and serving with your many gifts creating prosperity and joy from what you share and bring forth.


And much much more….. 

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