Embodying Grace & Invincibility

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Are you ready to bring a strong practice into your life so that you can conquer your negativity and do what you came to do on this Earth Walk? Learn how to be graceful in the ungraceful moments of life. Embody your Grace and Invincibility? Kundalini Yoga and meditation is a precise science to tap into our human potential. Vitalize our body, mind and spirit and allows us to radiate from the inside out.

Cultivating our discipline to honor ourselves from self care to relationships, home and work. So that we can live in our power, grace and in alignment with our destiny, nurturing ourselves, our families and our communities.

I am going to share with you the 6 most important meditations a woman can do to reconnect to that shakti - all creative life-force flowing through us. We are a container and vessel of holding that life force. How are we using it? 


Women are born leaders, it used to always be that way in the Indigenous tribes. We were revered as Mothers, healers, medicine women, and leaders. The chord of power got cut and we lost our sense of Self. 

There is a timely movement on the planet right now, leading Women to regain their sense of self, taking back their power around their health, birthing, and coming back into alignment with their cycles. Returning to the ways of the Earth. Join this global movement of Women reclaiming their forgotten way as we remember together.

Yogi Bhajan put it beautifully, “ When the women come back into their righteous place of power, the men will line up and violence will end.”

This is the moment to move from victimhood into Victorious and embody our Grace and Invincibility. 

Testimonial: " Sukhdev, I want to express my deepest gratitude for you. Thank you for this amazing healing journey you took us on in Women, Love, Intuition. Thank you for introducing me to the women's teachings of Yogi Bhajan that have transformed my world. Thank you for introducing me to the mother wound.  

Thank you for awakening me to a new depth of me. I will never forget when you said, "Your students will go as deep as you go as a teacher" and you are a teacher that really goes deep into the healing work of the mind, body, and soul. 

You are one of the bravest souls I have ever met. The people that have been through the hardest struggles are the most powerful teachers. That's you. Your courage inspires me deeply. Thank you for being a powerful teacher. " Arlene Shanti, LA


  • The 6 different qualities that a woman needs to embody to bring herself in alignment with her innate power and natural manifestational abilities.


  • The science of Kundalini Yoga and meditation for women. Specific kriyas, meditations and mantras that will assist you to break through negativity, recreate your subconscious communication with yourself to empower you, turn depression into devotion and activate and renew your inner Shakti creative fire. 


  • The understanding of your own unique 11 moon centers cycle. Giving you the tools to track and discover your own unique emotional cycle that fluctuates every two and half days. A road map to work with your emotions and answer many questions which may have mystified you your whole life ( and the men in your life!) How to maximize your strengths and understand your weakness and strengthen yourself in those areas with specific meditations, kriyas and mantras.


  • The science of intuition and how to tap into the creative life-force that governs everything in your body and Universe.


  • The benefits of a daily practice andhow to sustain it as a lifelong practice making it the most important thing you do every day. Leaving you ready for the day and what there is to face and feeling empowered through activating your will, caliber and discipline.


  • A simple system to access and live from the neutral mind. Also known as the meditative mind, where you come out of the “hustle and hassle” mode of attraction and live from the “relax and attract” mode of attraction. A way women are designed to live. 


  • The art of living a purposeful life and serving with your many gifts creating prosperity and joy from what you share and bring forth.


And much much more….. 



Testimonial: "Sukhdev is a woman of great grace &  power.

As a teacher she brings wisdom & compassion. As a musician she elevates & transforms." 



  • The course is delivered over six weeks on a Live interactive video conference platform. Each module is an hour and a half to two hours long. 


  • Each class is provided in both video and audio format. Listen on the go or review the class via video.


  • Specialized 40 day kundalini yoga kriya and meditation to reconnect to your innate power, clear negativity and glow from the inside out!


  • Live Q&A and sharing at the end of every class giving you an opportunity to share about your process and get your questions answered.


  • Receive an additional kundalini yoga Kirya, meditation or health and beauty tips for woman weekly.


  • Private online interactive discussion group and support. 


  •  Buddy system to work in partnership and process on a weekly basis.


  • You will own the course forever and get access to it anytime you want.

About My Journey Into Womanhood:

I suffered a lot as a teenager, as a young woman, having no tools to stay connected to my true nature. I had no idea about my cycles, wether it was hormonal, menstrual or based on how I fluctuated emotionally into a different moon center every 2.5 days. I was not mothered in the way I should have been. I was moved from family to family, country to country in the hope that they could get a handle on the wild child I always was.

Growing up without a powerful Feminine presence in my life and spending most of my years in boarding school ( from 9-18 years old) I had no concept of relating to myself in a healthy balanced way or others.

Addictions to food started very early, and that turned into drug addiction, sex addiction and many more. I was functioning quite well you might say but I felt lost, unable to conquer my demons, I had no sense of what balance meant. Everything was extreme, and I always went all the way…It was a rough start.

I lost my mother and grandmother around the age of 7. They chose to take their lives. That is the lineage I come from.

A decade ago on my healing journey I discovered the powerful tools of Kundalini Yoga, meditation and chanting. I began to see an end to the suffering that I was so used to call home. I began to trust deeply that my Destiny was aligning itself and I began to walk it, live it and breathe it. I have not looked back since. 11 years ago.

I have tools, I have prayers, I have yoga, I have nutrition, I have love for myself and I know how to conquer my negativity and align with my destiny at any given moment with this technology. I trust it because I know it works. But most of all I trust the Divine and the sacred healing space that we can enter into through the neutral mind. 

One of the aspects of my destiny is to serve women, my lineage made it very clear. I am here to support you, share these tools, insights and this timely technology of Kundalini Yoga that has assisted me in my victory.

Join me on this journey and let’s be victorious together. 

In Divine Love



This 40-day journey is for inspired women ready to thrive in their lives. Whether you are a mama at home, a yoga teacher, a healer, a nurse, a massage therapist, or working in the corporate world...


This is for you,

Discover and apply this technology which is one of the ways a woman can reconnect to her innate power. Embody what it means to be living from your intuition, on purpose, sharing your gifts and celebrating your life!

Heal your body, emotions and traumas and help others do the same.

Using the tools of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and remembering the ancient ways of the Wild Feminine, this program will help you unlock your creative power and deliver you to your potential. Relax & Attract as a mode of living.

Align with your destiny to experience success and power in all areas of your life.


GATE ONE: Foundation of a woman’s power.


Daily Discipline

Altar Of Love

Living as Flow

Nourishment in food, words and actions

The four stressors and how to shift them


GATE TWO: Self initiation - The Age Of Aquarius

The 11 moon centers - your personal road map

Understanding who are we as woman

4 keys to women’s empowerment


Body Image

Aging gracefully 


GATE THREE: Woman: The Intuitive Being

Shakti vibration - how to connect, relax and feel it

The word - prana - neutral mind

The neutral Mind

The Original Self

Releasing trauma

Radiance & Projection

Healing from the sacred space of the soul


GATE FOUR: Healing The Mother Wound

Releasing ancestral agreements

Establishing a relationship with the Divine Mother

Healing mother daughter relationship

Honoring the ancestors



GATE FIVE: Emotions & Devotion

Ritual and Ceremony

Turning depression into devotion

The power and science of prayer

Living in surrender


GATE SIX: Sharing your gifts

The foundation of all success for women

Being within yourself

Embody “relax and attract” mode of living instead of “hustle and hassle”

Creating with the elements and moon cycles


Experience Grace Of God meditation. The most powerful kundalini yoga meditation a woman can do.

We are healers, we are medicine women. This is our nature.
And the time has come for us to claim our Power.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are all the Western Woman - no matter what race, what background...to me it means the modern woman....the women of these times.

It is our time to gather in sisterhood and unearth, shed and move through all that limits us, that keeps us from being who we are by nature.

We have come to shine, to uplift, to serve and live in our Limitlessness and Infinity. Remembering who we are as woman. The highest incarnation. 


  • One Of Sukhdev's live Kundalini Workshops

  • Aykanna's digital album "Seeds Of Love"

Sukhdev shares powerful teaching that help illuminate the shadow and lead you to the light. You will remember your sacred right as empowered woman, mother, sister, healer and lover.
— Kia Miller, Yoga Teacher

The Results You Can Expect:

  •  A strengthened nervous system through Kundalini Yoga and a new access to your creative energy.

  • Well Being and vitality in your daily life. 

  • A sisterhood of empowered women, daily support and connections.

  • Develop your capacity to heal yourself and the traumas you have faced.
  • Tools to honor, guide & hone your emotions based on your personal 11 moon cycle.

  • Access to regulating your emotions with self care, yoga, food & meditation.

  • A daily practice and feeling empowered through activating your will and your discipline.

  • Practices to cultivate your inner mastery so that you can tap into your purpose, share your gift and prosper from it.

And here is your moment to commit to yourself, to your inner work. Knowing that everyone one around you (beginning with you) will benefit from your investment into your well-being. Follow your heart on all matters. The rest will align.
— Sukhdev Jackson

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Working with Sukhdev for the past 4 years has been an amazing journey. Her authentic approach to teaching Kundalini Yoga is uplifting and encouraging; shedding light upon the shadow. Through her Women workshops I have had amazing breakthroughs within myself. Her humble approach and her strong presence captivates, inspires, & provokes one into their own journey of self discovery and growth. Not only one of the best Kundalini Yoga teachers I have come across, but along with her husband Akah, she brings her gift through her devotional music in Aykanna
— Angela Lindvall - Mother, Super-Model, Activist