We have committed our lives, to elevating ourselves in consciousness to create a powerful experience of this human journey. Combined we have 40 years of experience walking on this Spiritual path.

We are here to share our gift, to uplift others. To teach, to elevate and to connect with you. To share all of the modalities and this rich tapestry of holistic living that has helped us on our journey of co-creating a life that we are truly passionate about and love living.

The time has come for you to create a life that you absolutely love, a conscious family environment and a way to share your gift with no more excuses on why you cannot do what you love to do, make money doing it and seriously rock your life.

The moment is here, we have all been called into our greatest self at this time. And nothing else but being the greatest version of ourselves will bring us peace at this time. 

banner photo by Dj Pierce



Akahdahmah is a 5th generation plant and spirit medicine man, inheriting this legacy from his Great, Great Aunt Mamie, a pinewoods plant and spirit medicine woman from Alabama. 

He was ordained as a Harmonic Healing Minister in 2000 after completing a six year training in herbal formulation and spiritual counseling. 

Akahdahmah specializes in creating customized rejuvenation programs focused on developing wellbeing and longevity in body, mind and Spirit.

The focus is on creating a daily practice which cultivates healthy living habits and reveals the ability to honor one's purpose, giving one the experience of co creating one's life powerfully.

Akahdahmah presently serves as a Spiritual Counselor at Passages in Malibu, a holistic addiction care center andhas a private practice as a Whole-listic Health Advisor/Coach; teaching Qigong, Kundalini Yoga, meditation and life processing skills.

He is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, PSYCHKÔ and a Medical Qigong Practitioner. 

 photo by Dj Pierce


Sukhdev Jackson is a woman with a mission. Barely out of her teacher training in 2006, she was called to teach almost full time and has now made it her life's purpose. 

Having been through a decade of addiction and recovering successfully, Sukhdev touches the heart of people with an authentic voice about facing what is really going on beneath the surface and empowering them to accept and reconnect with the whole tapestry of their being.

Through her retreats and workshops "The Beauty Way & Shakti School", Sukhdev's work with serving women to reignite the pathway of the Divine Feminine has been an avenue to share her gift and passion and serve her family's legacy.


Are you done reliving the same patterns over and over and living as an amateur? Ready to turn PRO and step into your destiny powerfully?

To live into our destiny, we are asked to create inner peace, the landscape needed for deep listening. In this manner, we manifest and receive the gifts that are here present for us in every moment. Change your mind, change your life.

Using the powerful tools of Kundalini Yoga, Chanting meditations - using your voice and positive psychology, you will breakthrough the old limiting beliefs and begin today by taking one step at a time towards your Destiny, wether that is with your family, your health or your career.




Working with both Akah and Sukhdev is quite a treat.

They are often called to sit in council with couples who need guidance and support to recreating a way into their true freedom, intimacy and deepened connection.

Connect with them together and get the support and tools so that you can rely on your own power and intuition to guide you on your way home.

To peace, to laughter and a deep sense of joy.